Sunday, November 16, 2008

Two seniors from Sunday

Three things I don't much like....cold (it was freezing), horses (their feet are very big and hard and there were a dozen...well maybe 4 or 5), cows (they just look at you...). One of the times I am glad there was no video.

Sami was about to freeze but it was so worth it. The pics look great!

One thing John doesn't much like.....taking pictures but I think he did pretty good.

A sneak peek for you guys.

Four seniors in two days

Here are some pics from two senior sessions on Saturday. I was worried about the weather but it turned out great for pics. Both Paul and Logan were super to work with....although I did get an occasional "You have to be kidding" look!

Previews from Sunday's two seniors coming soon!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We have the dates set!!

This is another option that you can choose for our Christmas Special.

Snow pics will be November 23rd and the 24th. Call to schedule you apt today!!
Non-snow pics can be scheduled at other times just give us a call

The Christmas Special options are Christmas at your home, in the studio, snow pictures and outside (weather permitting)

The cost is $100.00 You will receive 24 5x7 double sided cards with envelopes and $80.00 print credit.