Friday, January 25, 2008

I give up...I'm blogging!

Didn't particularly want to blog (now I'll have to keep it up! Niki says she'll help!) but I need a good way to communicate news from The Picture here we go.

This is Sugar. Children are easier to take pics of than animals. I had to make some really odd sounds to capture her attention! This wasn't the shot we were looking for, but it was my favorite from the session. Look for Sugar's picture on the front cover of the 2007/2008 Garango yearbook!


malesa03 said...

this was my favorite picture too! i can't wait for the next session, i'll bring the cookies!

Dee said...

Yea, you have blog!!! Had to check it out after you told me about it. Welcome to the madness of keeping it up to date :) Looks great! Cute pic of the bulldog :)