Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wow it's been busy!

Started Friday afternoon with Traci's bunch at McClay. I had some camera problems and flash problems (it comes in batches) and we redid some shots. Her family is sooo nice and they are funny too!

Then Saturday morning I am getting ready for the Navarre wedding and I get a phone call that says "I'm here. Where are you?" Seems someone (Serrina) did not call me back to tell me that the time was good for Jacqueline's appt. I rushed over and we took some REALLY good looking pics of all her guys. You need to look at the website. (The little guys are cute too!)

Tisha, BB and I took off for Navarre and a small intimate beach wedding....and the rain came. Actually it was more like a mini-monsoon. We kept thinking "Hey it's Florida. Give it 15 minutes and the weather will change." and it did...it got worse. Instead of a beach wedding we had to move to the conference room.

..and walked into a wall of glass! Photographer's nightmare! But it did make for a beautiful blue background and gave the pics a dreamy look! This is a couple very much in love! He would have physically stopped the storm if it would have been possible. Every thought of his was for her and keeping her happy. It was so sweet. She not once had a bad attitude or let the rain bother her.
They should do well.

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