Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bo and Selah

Saturday was beautiful and a fitting setting for Bo and Selah's wedding. They got married at the Wesleyan church in Hosford and it was packed wall to wall. Both tears and laughter filled the church as they said their "I do's" in front of friends, family and well-wishers. After grabbing a few quick pictures we headed out to the Woodman of the World for the reception and some of the most luscious chocolate drenched strawberries and cherries Niki and I have ever tasted!

It was so sweet being able to participate in recording this new beginning for Selah and Bo. I love Selah like a youngin' of my own and I am so tickled to see them start out on their new life together. I hope they keep their marriage on track and make it as long as John and I have....and as happily! Good luck guys!


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Anonymous said...

Sharon you are the best, love the pictures. Hats off to you and Nikki. We are so thrilled. Thank You, Michele Manning